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Talking About Community Architecture With Charlotte Wolters – TMP 016

To many, feminism is about equity.

The retention of female lawyers in Canada’s legal system is a persistent problem and many young, brilliant women leave these programs after five years or less. Today’s guest, Charlotte Wolters, has been investigating this issue and devoting her efforts to launching mentorship programs for women that are dynamic, effective, and sustainable. 

She has found methods to disrupt old ways of thinking and create solutions that allow people to thrive.This episode’s host, Sara, talks to Charlotte about designing meaningful community architecture, and how to effectively understand the factors that make a program successful before you put it out into the world.  

They dive deep into the idea of equity and about building mentorship relationships that are flat and two-way. Sharing great ideas should not defined by age, gender, or race. They can come from anyone and, as you’ll hear, effective mentorship is about mutual development for everyone involved.

This is part one of a two-part discussion.  

You’re about to Learn…

  • The importance of finding the underlying why, what, and how in launching any effort or program.
  • What’s driving change in mentorship programs today and the need to reconfigure old concepts.
  • How to disrupt older ways of doing things to find what people really need to be effective in modern environment.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Introducing Charlotte and her efforts in developing female leadership programs
  • [06:19] Mentorship from ancient concepts to educational models
  • [13:10] Defining an ideal mentorship program  
  • [35:01] Connecting with mentors and group mentoring situations
  • [44:55] Market research and defining the what, why, and how of community architecture

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