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Supporting Mental Health Through Multipotentiality with Loffy Bermejo – TMP 043

Loffy Bermejo is a dynamic multipotentialite bringing mental health care and support to her native Philippines. Her primary means of doing so is through an exciting new NGO called “Project Kampana,” a job placement service for people with mental illness.

On today’s episode, Vanessa chats with Loffy about her background and interests, what drove her to launch this endeavor, the mental health landscape for women and in the Philippines in particular, and how an NGO is a great platform for a multipotentialite to make use of their many interests and abilities!

Topics & Timestamps

  • [02:00] Welcome to Loffy, her Puttyverse scholarship, Loffy’s Wednesday Adams personality.
  • [05:10] Laffy introduces the mental health/development NGO she’s starting in Philippines.
  • [05:56] The moving story behind the name of her NGO, “Project Kampana”.
  • [16:25] The mental health landscape in the Philippines.
  • [18:23] Do colonized countries result in higher percentages of mental health issues?
  • [23:08] How the NGO helps foster and encourage multipotentiality.
  • [33:05] Puttypeep profiles, with a twist!

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