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Slowing Down in December with Valentina Manini – TMP 048

If you want to slow down this holiday season (or really anytime), then this episode is for you.

Our Puttyverse just wrapped up a first annual Slow Down December event to help us navigate this busy, social time of the year. One of the the overarching concerns is how anxiety plays into it all, and not letting it get the best of us.

We each find our own path, and Valentina is here to guide us – drawing on her own tumultuous and fascinating journey to understanding and partnering with anxiety.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [1:12] Introduction to the Slow Down December event.
  • [5:46] Valentina’s amazing, winding journey to understanding and overcoming anxiety, and helping others.
  • [12:40] How did participants react in her Slow Down December workshop?
  • [13:26] Can anxiety ever be overcome and put to rest?
  • [18:34] The “Get Unstuck” question.
  • [21:40] “Am I just distracting myself from something I really need to be paying attention to?”
  • [24:09] What’s the worst that can happen?
  • [26:37] What are the continuing plans in the Puttyverse for the “slow down” theme?
  • [28:42] Did Valentina always identify as a multipotentialite, or did it emerge through her journey of understanding and overcoming anxiety?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode