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Self-Directed Education with Tia Ho and Vanessa Tharp – TMP 021

This episode builds on episode 19 and the vibrant landscape of self-directed education programs. One of our regular hosts, Vanessa Reich-Shackelford, is joined by Puttyverse members Tia Ho and Vanessa Tharp, both with a passion for taking learning into your own hands.

They talk about their experience both as educators and as students in exploring skills across multiple subjects. As multipotentialites, they have a unique perspective and describe how they’re able to teach how they learn, adapting their teaching styles to the needs of each student.

With all the pressures put on public school systems these days, this episode highlights some refreshing work being done in alternative forms of education. As you’re about to hear, supported teachers with the right funding in these programs can really do some amazing things.

“As multipotentialites, we are constantly trying to fit into other people’s boxes. And really, it’s about taking ownership of your own box, saying this is who I am and here is what I bring to the table.” – Vanessa Tharp

You’re about to Learn…

  • How teachers can adapt their techniques to the learning styles of each student.
  • Why multipotentialites can be perceived as flaky or unfocused – and the implications in the world of education.
  • How to find out who you are supposed to be working with by sharing your unique self with others.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Introducing Vanessa and Tia
  • [04:40] Multipotentiality in education; working with different learning styles
  • [13:21] Education programs that support exploration of disciplines
  • [18:18] Being aware of your interests and how you’re perceived as a multipotentialite
  • [26:35] Mentorship and keeping in touch with former students
  • [34:33] Tia and Vanessa’s experiences as students and discovering their multipotentiality
  • [46:17] How you can get involved with school programs and help students
  • [49:30] Puttypeep profiles of the week

Resources Mentioned in This Episode