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The Rituals of Habitual People – TMP 006

Habits, patterns, and routines are a huge part of our lives (intentionally or otherwise). Some smart people have even said these things define life.

From rites of passage in tribal societies and religions throughout history, rituals have been a key part of being human. But the essence seems to be getting lost in the shuffle of our modern world.

Where can you turn to (re)discover how and why rituals can work for you? Here on The MultiPod, of course!

Episode 6 finds co-hosts Ted, Sandrine, and Sara digging in with an all-star puttypeep, Brittany Williams, to discuss the spiritual side of the rituals. Going beyond to-do lists and the mundane, they explore moving through your day with intention.

With the right rituals, your mind, body, and whatever else is attached to you (like your relationships) can flourish in a whole new way. Press play for an energizing episode that can truly expand your idea of what it means to be a creature of habit.

“[I think about] what type of person I would like to be and that’s how I put these rituals together. Otherwise, they are just random things I have to do.” – Brittany Williams


You’re about to Learn…

  • Why the best habits will become non-negotiable rituals with conscious effort.
  • Why honoring rituals can be a challenge and how accountability might make the difference.
  • How different rituals call for unique methods of integration.
  • Ideas for rituals to clear your mind, energize your day, and find sustained focus.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Reflecting on last episode’s topic: minimalism
  • [03:27] How do we define rituals?
  • [10:21] Introducing: Brittany Williams
  • [12:31] Brittany’s conscious effort to make the most of her daily rituals
  • [18:12] From gratitude lists to binaural beats
  • [23:45] Ritual ideas shared from the Puttyverse forum
  • [28:30] Seasonal and eternal rituals
  • [33:26] Finding accountability for rituals
  • [36:13] Sandrine’s Tip: The Ho’Noponopono ritual
  • [38:58] Puttyverse Spotlight of the week and wrap-up


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