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Once a Fortnite: Talking Gaming for Multipotentialites with Harsh Gupta – TMP 044

Is modern gaming a model career for a multipotentialite?

Special guest and new Puttyverse member, Harsh Gupta, joins us live from Kolkata, India, where he has worked as a game designer for the past few years. He gives us the ins and outs of navigating this complex, exciting, and ever-growing industry.

We learn about the difference between a game designer, developer, artist, and manager. Modern gaming is on the level of large scale cinema, with massive teams and departments. Where to begin?

Playing video games can take us out of our reality as a form of entertainment, an art form, and can be a collaborative activity (contrary to popular opinion). Hosts Ted & Sara join Harsh to discuss perspectives on reality, fantasy, addiction, and positive escapism.

The video game industry has established hubs around the globe, and our very own Puttyverse has engaged in discussions about the topic, which inspired this week’s episode.

You’re About to Learn …

  • How video games are interactive and collaborative.
  • What a video game designer actually does.
  • How video game project managers have to be adaptable.
  • Where and how video game developers work.
  • How video games are actually forms of art.
  • How video games have helped with healing.
  • How video game development and design can be fulfilling, creative jobs.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [0:00] – Introduction
  • [2:30] – Harsh’s job history and how he entered a career in video games
  • [6:15] – Where in the world one can work on video games
  • [7:15] – AAA designers and games
  • [8:15] – What the video game industry is like in India
  • [8:45] – Harsh’s plans to move to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to pursue his career
  • [9:50] – How technology and the video game industry are evolving
  • [10:40] – The most powerful part of video gaming
  • [12:25] – The effects of being absorbed in a digital fantasy
  • [14:45] – Balancing video game playing with other life responsibilities
  • [17:05] – Video games and multipotentiality
  • [17:50] – The various disciplines that are involved in video game design, development, and playing
  • [19:35] – The steps to take to begin a career in video games
  • [21:40] – Using a game made as an amateur to get jobs in video game development
  • [23:55] – Harsh’s biggest challenge in the game industry
  • [24:45] – Whether or not video gaming is a closed industry
  • [25:30] – Plot and character development
  • [27:55] – Sara’s excitement about video game art
  • [28:40] – How to find Harsh online

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