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MultiPod Extras: That’s the Ticket! The New Travel Podcast From Vanessa

MultiPod Extras is an ongoing project of The MultiPod, where the hosts test out new podcast ideas in a bonus, typically one-off format.

Members of the Puttyverse can pitch their podcast ideas too! Email [email protected] with the show that you would like to demo. The MultiPod team can help you put it all together!

Today’s MultiPod Extra episode comes from Vanessa, who has launched a new travel podcast called “That’s the Ticket!” with her friend, Rinat Ben Avraham. The goal is to talk about travel advice, tips and recommendations, and get an understanding for the real experience of travel.

However, during the process of planning and launching the new show, the global pandemic took off in full force, with a serious hit to the travel industry. We don’t know how the industry will recover and change as a result, but in the meantime we can at least find out how it has impacted peoples’ travels as they try to get home, cancel other plans, and reconsider what it means to travel, especially when it’s suddenly taken away from you.

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