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Massively Simultaneous: Developing Multiple Skills Without Losing Interest – TMP 013

So, what do you do?

If, like many multipotentialites, you have trouble concisely answering this question, you’re in good company.  

Fresh off his stint as the guest on TMP 012, Clay fills in as our host and speaks with Darren Carpenter about his path on the multipotentialite road. Even though Darren has been aware of his multipotentialite tendencies since a young age and had early opportunities to develop them, he has faced many challenges in navigating and feeling fulfilled in the corporate world.

This has led to his pursuit of an idea he calls “Cultural Transformation Engineering” – a process of being more intentional with how we drive change. This episode is a thoughtful discussion about realizing strength in your diversity and developing yourself while walking on a fresh trail.  

You’re about to Learn…

  • What being “massively simultaneous” is and how it defines so many multipotentialites.
  • How to build your life purpose(s) by finding connections among your various pursuits.
  • Why being intentional in driving change is so important in today’s “single hat” world.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Ted and Clay’s Introductions
  • [04:45] Darren’s life story in prioritizing and pacing himself with multiple interests
  • [10:05] Cultural transformation, intention, and avoiding a single hat
  • [23:45] How Darren found the Puttyverse and defines his work strategy
  • [29:45] Multipotentiality in the workplace and job market
  • [33:06] Darren shares some tips & ideas for the Verse
  • [42:06] Puttypeep Spotlights with Ted

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode