Support + Inspiration for Serious Multipotentialites

Mary Gabriola: A Life Lived Without a Name on a Parking Spot – TMP 059

Our guest today, Mary from Gabriola Island in British Columbia, is an inspiration for a life well-lived as a multipotentialite. From education to permaculture gardening, sailing to learning to play the bodhran, Mary has embraced the winding path of adventure and discovery, a journey that shows no signs of slowing down.

In particular, we profile her experience in the most recent “Yes You May” month-long Puttyverse special event, an annual tradition in the Puttyverse where participants give themselves the permission to choose something they want to work on, plan, and focus on accomplishing a goal within a short-ish amount of time, yet long enough to make it worthwhile.

Join us for a light-hearted, wide-ranging, motivating, and inspiring conversation about all the things you can accomplish when you put your mind to them. With a handy scheduler/planner to help you out!

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