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Living Languages: Immersing Yourself and Exploring Cultures – TMP 004

Language is all around us and the most human expression of culture we have.

This means that learning to recognize different languages is the first step in a life-long journey of study for those on the path of becoming bilingual or beyond. With so many different worldviews out there and numerous new ways to connect, today is a great time to learn, share, and interact across languages.

The MultiPod episode 4 brings you show hosts, Ted and Sandrine, as they talk with linguistics pro Sienna Warecki. They cover the science behind learning languages, the definition of fluency, and different accents – or even personalities – that learners pick up.

You’ll also hear Ted, Sandrine, and Sienna’s personal journeys with language learning with some of the challenging moments and hilarious realizations along the way.

“Nothing is more useful than immersion. Throw yourself in, don’t hesitate. An hour, a day, whatever your situation is. It makes all the difference.” – Ted Cragg

You’re about to Learn…

  • The science behind listening, speaking, writing, and reading for language comprehension.
  • How to let go of your insecurities through immersion.
  • Why children learn languages so quickly and how to harness this talent for yourself.
  • The importance of how language and culture are intertwined.
  • How the brain processes reading, writing, speaking, and listening (and how they all develop differently).

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Introductions to language from an early age
  • [04:42] Sandrine’s language story learning English, French, and Spanish
  • [08:08] Ted’s language story learning English and French in and around Ontario
  • [14:25] Sienna Warecki discusses linguistics with English, French, and other languages
  • [36:25] How the brain processes reading, writing, speaking, and listening (and how they all develop differently)
  • [44:34] Tip of the Week: The top 5 ways to learn a new language
  • [47:24] Puttypeep Spotlight: Robert Dempsey and Hayim Adler

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode