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Live From Everything Conference with Doug Walker – TMP 042

It’s the event of the year for the Puttyverse and multipotentialites everywhere! And The MultiPod is live on location to cover it.

The first Everything Conference took place September 12-15, 2019, in Portland, Oregon, a unique gathering of multipotentialites exploring a wide range of topics, discussions, interests, challenges, fears, and passions.

While so many more of us would have loved to participate, we couldn’t all be there.

So The MultiPod stepped in to capture the sounds and perspectives of this fabulous weekend, brought to you by Puttyverse stalwart Doug Walker, living out his dream of being a live correspondent.

Follow Doug as he moves between sessions, wines and dines, chats with conference organizers, meets participants and presenters, stumbles on some familiar voices, holds a joint live + virtual meeting of his Fortnightly group, and even has time to explore the beautiful city of Portland.

For all those unable to participate, who were dreaming and wondering of what it must have been like, join Doug and The MultiPod as we step into the incredible ambience of Everything Conference.