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Life-Changing Answers to Ridiculous Questions with Kiki – TMP 010

What’s the most amazing thing you want to do before you die?

This episode’s hosts, Sandrine and Sara, talk with Kiki about the adventure conversation – which begins with a ridiculous question and leads to magic dominoes and tiny tornadoes. It’s story time as one simple action to shower at night led Kiki to clarity, excitement, and the life she always wanted.

Are you dialing up or dialing down your inner voice? (You know the one.) The voice that channels your energy, marshalls your resources, and points to the simple first step that redefines your life forever.

“Most people don’t realize how amazing they are!” – Kiki

You’re about to Learn…

  • How to find your magic dominoes (a.k.a. the small actions with huge effects).
  • That curiosity can be a cure for depression.
  • How to create enough space to explore big ideas – and realize you can actually make them happen.
  • Why the excitement, intuition, and challenge chain will see you through the hard times.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Introductions and the ridiculous question
  • [05:04] Kiki’s journey through coaching and the philosophy of math
  • [10:55] The magic domino effect
  • [24:18] Stories of adventure conversations in action
  • [30:00] The shift: An update on Sandrine’s story from our last episode
  • [35:53] The process Kiki uses to better connect with her intuition and explore possibility
  • [52:50] Wrap-up: The foundations of guiding yourself
  • [58:19] Puttyverse weekly spotlights with Ted