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Let’s Regenerate, Not Extract with JP Parker – TMP 045

Do you find yourself wondering about the state of the world? Stuff like why things just don’t seem to be working, the flawed economy, or how very little seems sustainable?

Our conversation with JP quickly transcended to one of great purpose and meaning. JP, now based in Australia – an erstwhile global citizen and truly one of the original digital nomads (we’re talking mid-1990’s) – joins us to discuss her journey to realizing deep, profound perspectives on the world we live in.

A positivist, strategist, social innovator, and an avid student of culture & collaboration, JP talks with Vanessa about her passion for helping and encouraging game-changers, entrepreneurs and artists.

We discuss education, and how impactful the structure and theory of education is on individuals, especially multipotentialites.

We talk about JP’s experience with the “original open-source guy,” Michael Reynolds, the “garbage warrior.” If we choose a different way to live, generative instead of extractive, imagine what the future would bring! Housing alone that is sustainable and caring for generations. A regenerative approach to economy and society.

And we learn all about how JP has applied her experience and passion towards bringing people together in the conference she helps organize, Beyond Paradigms, in Perth, Australia.

We know you’ll enjoy part one of this inspiring conversation.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] – Episode introduction
  • [02:45] – When JP realized she had a “slash” personality
  • [06:10] – How belonging is important
  • [07:35] – Vanessa and JP discuss their education stories, and how democratic learning fosters multipotentiality
  • [10:50] – Two post-secondary schools that are great for multipotentialites
  • [14:30] – The desire to be seen and appreciated as multipotentialites
  • [15:30] – JP’s Catholic school experience that actually supported her multipotentiality
  • [16:40] – Introducing the Beyond Paradigms conference
  • [18:35] – The organisation JP formed called “Infinite Solutions,” focusing on regenerative rather than extractive communities
  • [21:15] – How the global financial crisis deeply affected JP’s life and changes
  • [24:10] – JP’s experience on walkabout
  • [25:25] – Getting ourselves out of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into/Society 2.0
  • [27:50] – Could JP be the world’s first digital nomad? Maybe!
  • [30:30] – Cultivating a community of change makers and the new economy
  • [34:05] – NENA (the New Economy Network Australia) gathers tribes to make change in the direction of our next society
  • [36:35] – Puttypeep profiles


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