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Job vs. Career: Is It Even Worth Debating? – TMP 003

Is a job something you do for money? How about a career? An overarching vision that guides your choices?

As multipotentialites, these questions can bring up many interesting and unique perspectives – or even cause you to question whether these terms even make sense for what we do.

Show hosts, Ted and Sandrine, talk to Robert Dempsey and Sarah Bauerle about life and work on the winding road of someone pursuing multiple interests.

Robert spent eighteen years in the tech industry before recently leaving his conventional job to pursue his passion for coaching. He proves that a lot can happen in your first 48 hours in the Puttyverse!

Sarah has been a puttypeep since early 2016, currently lives in Michigan, and uses her working time as a musician and cake decorator.  She helped to start the Puttyverse Location Independence and Travel Enthusiasts group and explains why not finding a “spot” in her chosen fields has driven her to create her own.

Robert and Sarah have different work experiences, but share much of a worldview about what it means to be a multipotentialite – and how that informs your life. Get ready for some great discussion about the nature of who we are and how we work!

“I realized the existential crises I was facing were me getting more honest with my truth, what I really want, and how that fits into my life” – Robert Dempsey

You’re about to Learn…

  • The difference between a job and career (and if those terms are even relevant to multipotentialites).
  • How a specialist culture with singular job titles creates a variety of challenges.
  • Why pursuing a hobby as a career can sometimes turn it into a grind.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [1:36] The initial showdown: Job vs. Career
  • [4:26] Robert’s take on job vs. career
  • [8:51] How multipotentialites could approach making income
  • [15:02] Getting to know Sarah
  • [18:17] Pursuing music and the thought process behind developing an “official” career vs. other interests
  • [25:10] Considering a crossroads (the idea of starting from scratch vs. taking any job to pay bills)
  • [32:05] Location independence as a priority for defining how and where you work
  • [34:01] How you identify yourself (through titles or not) with friends and family
  • [39:19] Trying on various multipod identities and being a multi-passionate creator
  • [43:05] Recap: different paths with a similar worldview
  • [46:35] Tip of the Week: Using LinkedIn to meet people abroad, find places to stay, get opportunities, and reduce the barrier to introductions
  • [54:55] Puttypeep of the Week: Geeno and Sandrine

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