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In the Backyard and Live! with Ted, Vanessa & Taylor – TMP 062

It’s a big moment for The MultiPod, after 2 1/2 years of recording this show, we have for the first time sat down together as co-hosts to record a MultiPod episode, live and in person.

Vanessa and her husband Taylor were visiting family in Ottawa, where Ted lives, so naturally he invited them over to both A), meet in person, at last!, and B), blow the dust off the ol’ portable recorder, plug in the microphones and sit around the table on the back deck to reflect on the moment and get it all on digital tape.

The early days of podcasting were known for folks essentially sitting around on their couch, riffing on a topic, and evolving it into a show and target audience.

We simply did it the opposite way!, with co-hosts from around the world, our theme of exploring multipotentiality clear from the outset, and our wonderful, built-in audience waiting for us, courtesy of The Puttyverse.

In September of 2019, friend of the pod Doug Walker recorded on-site the sounds and snippets of the Everything Conference, our first live experiment here at The MultiPod. Today, we build on that and enjoy a wonderful and somewhat surreal moment for this close-knit yet physically dispersed community.

Taylor, Vanessa and Ted reflect on the differences between online and in-person relationships, our own experiences of meeting people in person after first knowing them online, and then take the opportunity to chat about the experience of the partner to a multipotentialite, and the compromise and support that comes with our many career changes, which brings us to the inevitable discussion about jobs and work, and the question, “Do we always need to monetize everything we do?”

To really get in the moment, grab a can of your favourite carbonated beverage, throw on some headphones and add your own background sound effects of birds chirping and children playing, as you join us for this very special episode of The MultiPod.