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How to Find Career Stability Through Parallel Jobs with Gillian Semple – TMP 023

Everyone talks about flexible careers, side hustles, and the importance of wearing multiple hats these days. But what does that really mean?

In this episode of The MultiPod, Ted is joined by Gillian Semple, who has found career stability through a number of pursuits. She has gone from working at Canada Post to the film business, from caterer to tractor-trailer driver, with many other stops in between.

All along the way, she has also continued to write, paint, and photograph as expressions of her experiences. Gillian represents a great example of someone who has followed her intuitions down multiple paths and manages to weave them together into a career that can last a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Gillian also runs the website The Multipod Motivator, where she conducts and posts interviews and stories from the multipotentialite community. Through this project, she celebrates people who explore their interests and shares their positive energy. Much like The MultiPod!

She welcomes anyone to reach out to her to have their bio or story written. Listen for more details and check out her contact info below!

You’re about to Learn…

  • How to balance your current projects’ demands vs. starting your next big thing.
  • What to remember when trying something new or challenging and you’re just…so…frustrated.
  • How career stability has changed and now requires you to develop even more skills than you think.
  • Why your continued evolution is beautiful and how to keep it going.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Gillian’s multipotentialite journey
  • [14:18] Working in the film business and learning to embrace multiple job identities
  • [21:46] Giving projects their due before moving on to the next idea
  • [30:20] Gillian’s latest projects and skills she is developing
  • [45:48] Puttypeep profiles of the week

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • The Multipod Motivator – Gillian’s website for promoting businesses, passions, and interests of multipotentialites worldwide.
  • Travel Cat Scribe – Gillian’s other website where she shares travel stories and promotes the great work of the cat adoption group. Annex Cat Rescue. in Toronto.