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How to Fail Better: Taking on Imposter Syndrome with Action – TMP 011

You know that gnawing feeling of inadequacy, incompetence, or insecurity?

It has gone by many names over many centuries. These days, you’re most likely feeling … like an imposter.

Impostor Syndrome can make us question any endeavor or stop us before we’ve even started. As multipotentialites, we strive to learn and then act – to do something with our knowledge. The deeper we get into a goal, the more we become aware of all that’s left to learn and how little we might know about how to make it happen.

You’ll get a trio of co-hosts in this episode – Ted, Sandrine, and Sara – who guide a great discussion with D.B. Irwin about some new ways to stare down that imposter in the mirror. Maybe your doubtful reflection is actually a great sign that you’re doing something important?

D.B. does more than just reminds us that we can only have a tiny fraction of the near infinite knowledge on any topic. His stories will take you on a journey to see there’s always as much to give as there is to learn.

You’re about to Learn…

  • What the real face of Impostor Syndrome looks like.
  • How your deepest sense of identity can bring out the biggest insecurities.
  • 3 quick steps to squash Imposter Syndrome like a bug.
  • Why Impostor Syndrome is largely situational … and how to use this to your advantage.
  • How comparing yourself with others will transform your self-identity.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Introductions
  • [07:38] D.B. on the psychology of Imposter Syndrome
  • [11:31] Showing up as an imposter while teaching and coaching executives
  • [19:40] The contextual nature of Imposter Syndrome
  • [25:39] How our identity with our work impacts our confidence
  • [31:50] Do our diverse interests as multipotentialites make us imposters by nature?
  • [38:45] Ted shares three actionable takeaways
  • [46:45] Sandrine’s tip of the week