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How to Become a Digital Nomad with Mike Mulcey – TMP 026

There are many words tossed around these days about a life of work outside of a “traditional” company: freelance, location independence, remote work, digital nomad, entrepreneur.

It can be a hard topic to navigate! But regardless of the terms, the fact is the way we work is evolving. With that comes some amazing opportunities to explore new skills and embrace a remote lifestyle.

In this episode, hosts Ted and Gillian sit down with Mike Mulcey to discuss how to start out working remotely and build a lifestyle of travel. Mike and his girlfriend have spent the last two years traveling in a van throughout North America while building their businesses.

Mike talks about how he got started with the idea and some key insights into the realities of how it all works. It’s a discussion about freeing yourself from excuses, taking action, and embracing your challenges. Together with the hosts, they also touch on the concept of minimalism and how travel can help us become more aware of what truly matters in life.

Get ready to be filled with excitement, inspiration, and little stories from the road – and a chance to get an inside look at what it’s all like. Are you ready to take the plunge? Let Mike inspire you with bold ideas and practical advice.

You’re about to Learn…

  • Some key first steps for finding remote work.
  • How your current career and hobbies can lead you to new versatile skills.
  • Why maintaining focus can be the biggest challenge working on the road and how to overcome it.
  • The importance of adapting in today’s work environment.
  • How minimalism becomes an essential part of a nomadic lifestyle.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Introducing the concept of remote work and travel
  • [06:25] Mike’s freelancing story: bidding on jobs and working with clients  
  • [13:20] Is there value in taking SEO courses?
  • [17:10] How to work while traveling
  • [19:19] Creating a plan and making the move to work remotely
  • [22:59] What Alt-Nomad means and how to plan a remote life
  • [28:54] How multipotentialites can develop skills on the road
  • [31:59] What branding is and how to evolve your brand over time
  • [35:39] Differentiating between freelance and starting your own business
  • [40:51] How Mike defines good content
  • [46:15] The balance of passion projects vs paid work
  • [57:01] Budget planning, keeping track on the road, and what to do with possessions while traveling
  • [1:03:28] How do people react to a remote lifestyle when you put yourself out there?
  • [1:10:19] Long-term outlooks for remote work – where do we go from here?
  • [1:15:47] Wrap up with Ted and puttypeep profiles  

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • Yolk Content – Mike’s digital marketing company
  • Alt-Nomad – Mike’s lifestyle website for remote work and nomadic lifestyle
  • Body of Work – Pamela Slim’s book about a portfolio career