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How Does a Multipod Stick With Something for Two Years? with Neil Hughes – TMP 050

The MultiPod makes it to our 50th episode, just over two years since launching, and we pause to reflect on the milestone with one of the Puttyverse’s longest-serving and most influential members, Neil Hughes.

Neil is a self-employed specialist in mental health, overcoming anxiety, public speaking, stand-up comedy, and a twice-published author. He joins us from his home in Liverpool, UK to share his insight into commitment, perseverance, and the rewards of sticking with your ideas and seeing projects through to their completion.

Neil and host Ted chat about Neil’s career path, how he has been able to tap into crowdfunding to cover his expenses and allow him to speak to schools and organizations free of charge, and the impact of his TEDx talk from 2016 that has been viewed over 250,000 times!

His recent post on the Puttylike blog was profiled in the weekly newsletter, and covered his experience overcoming the anxiety of public speaking and performing comedy on stage. We chat about what it’s like knowing that you want to do something, knowing that you are able to do something, but trying to understand why anxiety still rears its ugly head and gets into yours. Neil has solutions, and is living proof that it’s possible.

Motivating stuff, coupled with a hearty MultiPod celebration. Thanks for joining us for two years of The MultiPod!

Topics & Timestamps

  • [2:25] Neil’s day-to-day and how he makes a freelance living.
  • [5:23] How crowdfunding has helped to sustain his business efforts.
  • [6:42] Neil talks about his website,, as the foundation of his brand, marketing, and online presence.
  • [7:54] The TEDx talk Neil presented on anxiety and comedy, which has been viewed over a quarter million times and really launched his visibility.
  • [9:14] The tool Neil uses, called “Beeminder,” to keep himself accountable and consistent, where if he doesn’t post enough content it charges him money.
  • [10:14] We each talk about our personal definitions of success.
  • [13:14] Neil talks about the motivation and process of writing his two books (thus far): Walking on Custard, and The Shop Before Life.
  • [21:13] How has Neil seen the Puttyverse change and evolve in the 6 years he’s been a member?
  • [22:18] Who was the certain prominent puttypeep that Neil recently hung out with in Cleveland?
  • [23:26] How has Neil been able to keep his commitment to public speaking despite his anxiety over doing it?
  • [31:20] Vanessa joins Ted to reflect on reaching Episode 50, and two years of producing The MultiPod!

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