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How Do We Make Sense Of What’s Happening? A COVID-19 Conversation – TMP 055

With the coronavirus pandemic changing our daily reality, the Puttyverse has been doing its part to make sense of it and support.

The vast majority of our interaction is text-based on our discussion forum. While this gives us the freedom of ongoing, sustaining conversation, The MultiPod is here to add a further dimension to the Puttyverse experience. With so many of us cut-off and even quarantined, it’s important to stay as connected as possible, and hear real human voices!

So we gathered two community stalwarts, Heather U-K and Rita JC, to join Vanessa and Ted in a comforting, heartwarming conversation about how we’re all doing. We chat about how things have changed for each of us, how we’re coping, stories from our communities, and the moments when it all became more real.

We also do our best to look at the future, and what could come from all this. It’s evident now that we can’t just expect things to “go back to normal” when this is all over, especially with no end in sight. We can only imagine what that outcome might be, and give our thoughts on what we would like to see.

We invite you to sit down with a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe something stronger, put your feet up, or ask Alexa to “Play The MultiPod podcast,” and let us keep you company for the next 45 minutes.

You can always leave your own thoughts and comments to keep the conversation going. We’ll be adding more conversations soon to help us all stay a little more connected and a little less isolated.