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How Better Communication Will Make Your Projects Soar, With Flo – TMP 060

Thriving multipotentialite, Flo Stummer, joins us from Austria, fresh from discovering and joining the Puttyverse just a few weeks ago. His journey has taken him from his native land to the UK, United States, and all around Europe, with a particular fascination for Sweden. It’s not so much about travel however, but following his nose, staying true to himself and not going down any pre-determined paths.

Along the way Flo has learned some valuable lessons in planning, expectations, making the most of failures, and most of all the importance of good, clear communication.

Through a combination of business and academic life, Flo helps us explore the definition and meaning of “success” and sets us up to be prepared and confident in our new endeavours.

And, we here at The MultiPod (and the Puttyverse in general) stand to benefit from this as well as Flo is keen to expand the scope and efforts of our little show, and start reaching out to the wider world to get more insights and perspectives on multipotentiality. The ideas are in their infancy, but stay tuned as we get some plans together for the near future!

Topics & Timestamps

  • [1:57] – Introduction to Flo, our first Austrian guest!
  • [3:21] – How Flo discovered Barbara Sher, quickly found the Puttyverse, and joined right away.
  • [5:52] – The impact of growing up in Austria and central Europe, where the familial and societal pressures to have that one, stable career are strong.
  • [12:57] – We turn to talking about the idea of “success,” and Flo’s focus on Implementation Sciences.
  • [16:01] – Flo shares some stories of his own failures in project planning, and diagnoses what he learned.
  • [24:24] – The value of communication, including a partner who didn’t even read the contract.
  • [29:45] – Does Flo go into projects and commitments with an exit plan already in mind?
  • [32:11] – Flo inspires some new ideas for The MultiPod itself, stay tuned for more!

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