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Grabbing Risk By the Horns: Flying High With Sandrine’s Renaissance Business – TMP 009

Did you know that only 5% of pilots are women?

Whether you’re flying high or puttering on the ground with your work, your next decision might determine what direction to go. Some of us feel limited by the people around us and the expectations society has for us. Others have found ways to do work that they love with the impact they want – and get paid for it.

Your regular hosts, Ted and Sara, talk to our “guest” and usual co-host, Sandrine Gressard, about her flying journey and big goals. Sandrine has been a glider pilot for years and has created a quest to combine her existing coaching business, a desire to inspire young girls, and an ambition to fly her plane to all 300 airports in Quebec into an incredible renaissance business.

This episode is filled with tips about how to turn ideas into lofty goals that stick, keep yourself on track, and leverage your risk to make things happen. Whether or not you’re around young girls or have your own children, any career or goal is possible with the right mindset and skillset.

“I don’t believe the Universe works in ways where it will just help you if you’re unsure. It will bring to you what you need when you are clear on what you want.”Sandrine Gressard

You’re about to Learn…

  • How to turn ideas into lofty goals that stick.
  • How Sandrine turned a back injury into a unique way of interacting with clients.
  • The importance of deliberate practice to keep skills in muscle memory.
  • Why major investments toward your goal can make all the difference …
  • … And how it often doesn’t cost as much as you think.
  • The importance of closing one work door so others can open.
  • How turning fear into your best friend can help keep you moving forward.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] What is risk? The False Illusion of Security in the 9-5.
  • [03:40] Sandrine’s coaching business as a Success Instigator
  • [09:55] A Big Idea: Sandrine literally takes her business to the sky
  • [14:15] The origins of Sandrine’s desire to fly
  • [16:35] Elevating a big idea and making it count
  • [25:09] Goal setting and turning ideas into a quest
  • [41:37] What’s the worst that could happen?
  • [47:04] Is it really risk or a great adventure?
  • [50:05] Sandrine’s tip of the week: try something from today’s episode
  • [51:10] Puttypeep Spotlight profiles


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