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Four Voices, Four Perspectives: The MultiPod Hosts Explore How to Focus on Big Goals – TMP 020

The four main hosts of The MultiPod – Sara, Sandrine, Ted, and Vanessa – get together to share their thoughts on how to find focus when working towards a major goal.

The inspiration for this episode comes from Sandrine’s achievement of getting her pilot’s license, a long-time dream and a major goal for her this year. We’ve talked about it in previous episodes, and now you can see the dream come true and get her thoughts and reflections on how it went and how it feels to have reached this point.

Inspired by this, Sara, Ted, and Vanessa share stories of their own about major goals they’ve had in their lives, and how they found the focus as multipotentialites to see them through. (It wasn’t always pretty!)

Listen in and learn another side of your hosts’ lives. More detailed show notes and topic time stamps to come!