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Finding The Ability To Deal With The Unknown, with Ti0 – TMP 056

For billions across the world, we’re over a month into COVID-19 quarantine. It’s a moment where we’re both familiar with the changes, yet aware that we’re facing a very uncertain future.

So along comes Ti0, a “consciousness researcher,” specializing in helping people understand the nature of change, the unknown, and how to confidently navigate their own journey.

His own journey has taken him from a childhood in Mumbai to becoming a software engineer, working for Amazon in Seattle, and discovering his true purpose through an Ayahuasca retreat in Brazil.

This has led him to launch a research and experience center called “The Infinite Zero,” (hence his pen-name). One of their primary intentions is to clarify and to make available knowledge about consciousness: merging our external influences with the innate knowledge within.

Join us to learn about Ti0’s perspective on how he can help you find clarity as we deal with the massive change that’s coming…and that’s already upon us.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [1:55] – The Ayahuasca retreat that brought Ti0 to Brazil.
  • [4:30] – Ti0’s recent article on Medium, The Possibility of Fundamental Transformation Arising from COVID-19. Ted tries to summarize it and we see how accurate he is!
  • [7:40] – Ti0 responds, talking about his previous life in mainstream, consumer culture and how he has found new perspectives and meaning in recent years.
  • [8:51] – How Ti0 has changed from wanting to predict and envision changes coming out of this, to becoming “comfortable with the uncertainty” and let it be.
  • [18:09] – “The movement of individuals is going to be much more important than the collective” – we each need to figure out our own journey, and not follow the broad, faceless mass for direction.
  • [18:51] – Ti0: “Five years back if I had experienced all of this I would be a mess, but today it’s hardly affecting me, mentally and emotionally I’m quite stable. I found my ability to deal with the unknown.” This is the message he was aiming to provide through his article.
  • [20:16] – Ti0 introduces his burgeoning program, The Infinite Zero Experience Center.
  • [27:55] – We reflect on the irony that a society afraid of change is being thrown into major change as we speak, and although it is tumultuous, we are starting to make sense of it, and get used to it. Perhaps therefore the prospect of future significant change, especially to combat climate change or inequality, may not be so intimidating.
  • [31:33] – It’s time to normalize that it’s OK to not be 100% all the time.
  • [32:42] – Our Puttypeep of the Week, Amy M. and Kari.

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