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Find the Multipotential in Your Relationships with Michelle Zaylar – TMP 036

“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Yes, yes. We’ve all heard that one a million times. It’s a badge of honor for multipotentialites.

But have you ever been asked, “What kind of relationships do you want when you grow up?” or, “What kind of partner would you want to be?”

Michelle Zaylar, Puttyverse member and relationship coach extraordinaire, highlights this paradox in this episode. Whether it’s the proverbial career or the serious relationship, both are presented to us from our youth as lifelong commitments that frame our lives and expectations.

We are influenced by a culture and society that is only beginning to understand and embrace different approaches and mindsets when it comes to who we are within relationships. This isn’t to say that the modern approach to relationships has been “wrong,” but rather that there are other, healthy ways to approach such a commitment.

Add to this the dichotomy of multipotentialite and non-multipotentialite, living in a committed relationship but trying to find a balance between two very distinct personalities. Co-hosts, Vanessa and Gillian, explore their own experiences while getting advice and perspective from Michelle, who now runs her own coaching business after years of being approached by friends and family for her help and insight.

Tune in for a great conversation that may just scratch the surface of what we can explore here on The MultiPod.

Topics & Timestamps
  • [01:56] Having the Relationship of your Dreams
  • [03:29] Michelle Zaylar’s ADD, Cognitive/Leadership Development. Following your Passions
  • [05:10] Multipod and non-multipod Relationship Challenges
  • [08:29] Courage to show all of yourself!
  • [11:20] Articulating all aspects of yourself
  • [12:57] Prioritizing what is important in the relationship
  • [14:21] Fracturing parts of yourself to be seen
  • [16:36] Honoring the things you want to do separately from your partner
  • [20:09] Listen First = Good Communication
  • [23:15] Gillian asks, What are you willing to receive? The Joy of Business, by Simone Milasas
  • [28:00] Connecting to joy and passions. Level of Receiving Dating and Commitment
  • [35:22] Defining the Relationship Structure
  • [37:09] Our June 8 Puttyverse workshop: How to Have the Relationship(s) of Your Dreams

Resources Mentioned in This Episode