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Exploring the State of our Mental Health – TMP 053

This is a very important episode for you. Something … different.

We’re coming out of February, the depths of Northern Hemisphere winter, the low point of the sun. Time is creeping up on us. We’re each dealing with some stress, anxiety, and major life changes that are a test to our well-being.

Your co-hosts for today – Vanessa, Sara, and Ted – decided it was the right time to assess the state of our mental health.

We’re open, we’re raw, and we don’t pull any punches. This episode ended up being quite cathartic for us (and maybe you), giving us a chance to get our thoughts, feelings, and experiences out there. The chance to converse, embrace our community, and keep ourselves out of mental isolation is a gift – and one of the rewards of having this podcast.

We include some useful tips and tools that can help you through the gloom of anxiety, depression, or seasonal affective disorder. We’re here to help, and we’re grateful for the chance to do so.

If you’re in need of a boost, some company, and hopefully people to relate to; if you’re experiencing some of the overwhelm and stress that big change brings, then we encourage you to listen the whole way through.

And if you feel so inclined, feel free to share your comments, suggestions, and insight. Thank you as always for sharing your time with us!

Resources Mentioned in This Episode