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Defining Value: Discovering Wealth in Possibilities – TMP 014

How do you define wealth?

It’s a common question, and a largely personal one as well. Even though our world is driven by consumerism with its standard ideals for what “success” looks like, the reality is that everyone places different values on different things.

In today’s episode, host Sandrine is joined by D.B. Irwin, Heather Ussery Knight, and Pierre de Vésian from the Puttyverse as each share their unique perspectives about money. At the core, the discussions focus on what it means to make life liveable, and how to keep the lights on while recognizing your value in the world. They also talk about how who you are and what you do at any given time don’t need to be the same thing.  

Learning to cultivate a perspective for how money truly interacts with the world can make you a savvy creative and help give you skills to maximize your wealth in so many ways.

You’re about to Learn…

  • Which is more expensive: an iPhone or a blueberry muffin?
  • How to overcome envy by appreciating that there are stories behind every appearance of wealth.
  • Why a simpler view of “keeping the lights on” could help you find clarity in your struggle to make money among varying interests.
  • How truly recognizing the beauty and complexity of the earth can help us value production over consumption.
  • How to work for yourself without the clear and concrete consequences of corporate life.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Introducing today’s guests and the vast topic of money
  • [02:04] D.B. – The economically poor, the working rich, and appearances of wealth
  • [10:51] The blueberry and the iPhone: How money skews our perception of value
  • [21:59] Heather – Being an entrepreneur as a multipotentialite and how to build the right skills
  • [32:01] How a multipod can build their worth
  • [42:09] Pierre – Learning to respect the financial markets, trade, and make money without giving in to emotion and greed
  • [1:07:16] Wrap-up and Puttypeep Spotlights with Ted

Resources Mentioned in This Episode