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Deconstructing Multipotentiality: The Origins of Multiple Interests – TMP 012

As multipotentialites, how and when do we pick up our interests in so many subjects? Does adding a new interest get us closer to our life’s purpose…or farther away?

It’s time to dive deep into the multipod nature vs. nurture debate. Your regular show hosts – Ted, Sandrine, and Sara – take turns getting into it with wellness coach, writer, and entrepreneur, Clay Tirabassi.

They explore some of the stories of Clay’s life that led to him owning his business, how he manages his time, and still has the space for curiosity to run free.

It’s time to move beyond seeking permission or justifying to others why we do what we do.

You’re about to Learn…

  • How to see and leap over stumbling blocks like shiny object syndrome or imposter syndrome.
  • Some key resources to (re)define who you are and what you do.
  • How to be productive during periods of deep learning.
  • Why we often seek permission to justify what we do and how to navigate the challenge.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Introductions: Clay’s journey to define himself
  • [11:12] Joining the Puttyverse and identifying as a multipotentialite
  • [23:11] How building his own business helped Clay thrive
  • [27:19] How to be productive during periods of deep learning
  • [30:20] How Clay discovered the Puttyverse
  • [38:12] Deconstructing multiple interests: understanding the specialist
  • [44:15] How to maintain momentum through motivation and organization
  • [1:06:16] Sandrine’s tip of the week: control vs. perspective
  • [1:11:23] Puttypeep Spotlights with Ted

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode