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Bye Bye to 2020, Hello to a Fresh Start – TMP 070

Well, we’ve made it to the end of 2020. And goodness, was it something!

Amongst so many changes and unknowns, it was often a challenge to stay positive and make sense of it all. But any good year-end-show will do its best to be constructive and inspiring, and that’s what we’re here for on this last episode of 2020.

Flo, Vanessa, and Ted got together to chat about the year and their experiences, try to make sense of new routines and realities, and focus on questions like, “What are some positive things that have happened for you in 2020? What are some things you’ve learned about yourself this year that you would not have otherwise expected to learn?”

It was a mixed up year for sure, but perhaps we’ve laid the groundwork for some new traditions, too. Let’s welcome 2021 with a good, productive mindset!

You’re about to Learn…

  • Being forced to adopt new routines and traditions, and the chance to experience something different: how much will be retained in the future?
  • This is temporary, the day when we can hug our friends and family is coming!
  • What can we look forward to, in the new year, that we can control and shape ourselves.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode