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Bring Your Passions to Life – Learn Focus and Productivity, with Nickita Fyens – TMP 032

We plan our schedules and our tasks, businesses plan their strategies and objectives, and everyone seems to instinctively understand the value of organizing our daily lives. But why don’t we take the same approach to making our dreams and passions come to life?

Nickita Fyens specializes in helping multipotentialites through this problem. Her passion comes from seeing others discover the path to turning their own passions into reality. Hence the title of her website/burgeoning business, the Passions Pilot.

This episode’s hosts, Vanessa and Ted, start off by talking about some of the tools they use and recommend to help organize their worlds. Nickita then dives into the details of how we should approach structuring our time, how to manage our expectations, and the tools that she uses to organize her ideas – all in a serious unscripted case of serendipity!

She then rounds things off with some of her own story, her early identity growing up as a self-defined multipotentialite, and how she’s made some serious career transitions along the way while confidently preserving her passions.

If you struggle with focus, are tired of feeling scattered, and are looking for both inspiration and practical advice, this episode is for you.

This is also an open call to all listeners! If you are interested to share your story on the show you can email us anytime at [email protected].  It’s a great way to build momentum and gain some support from our amazing community. We’d love to hear what you’re working on!

You’re about to Learn…

  • How to prioritize your passions and goals.
  • How to recognize what’s important and what you can let go.
  • Why you need to remember the big picture. Time can work against you, but can also be your friend.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [04:51] Vanessa Describes Trello and its benefits
  • [10:44] Ted Talks About Evernote and its benefits
  • [12:07] Letting Go of the hang-up about “Important” notes vs. “Inconsequential” notes
  • [14:21] Digital vs Paper Journals
  • [15:05] Introduction to Nickita
  • [18:56] Nickita Explains the Passions Portfolio
  • [20:12] Should We Track Our Time?
  • [21:11] Why Estimates are too Optimistic
  • [24:00] How to Plan for How Long Something Might Take
  • [27:26] Nickita’s Baselines in Organization & Productivity
  • [28:44] Nickita Explains her “Dreamcatcher” System
  • [30:17] Nickita Describes her Free Course on the Passions Portfolio, Using Excel and Trello
  • [32:51] Advice for Multipods Feeling Scattered & Overwhelmed
  • [35:20] Nickita’s Backstory
  • [37:44] Her Experience of Being Forced to Choose a Career
  • [40:42] How the Passions Pilot has Changed Nickita’s Own Productivity
  • [44:45] Puttypeep Profiles of the Week

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • Passions Pilot – Nickita’s website
  • Trello – the program both Vanessa and Nickita recommend
  • Evernote – the program both Ted and Nickita recommend