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Annie Sisson’s Startup Travel Business Adventure – TMP 040

Some recurring themes in our Puttyverse are entrepreneurship, business, self-employment, and mobile work – plus the freedom that can come with it.

Annie Sisson is one such puttypeep who has recently taken the big step of launching her own business. in her case, a travel consultancy business, born out of years of both business and personal travel, and the inevitable requests for her help.

She always knew that there was a business opportunity in there somewhere, and now she’s on her way to making it her full-time source of income, while fulfilling her sense of purpose.

Beyond Reservations was launched in April 2019, offering a travel consultancy service to those who feel the pull of travel but don’t know where to start, how to research, how to organize themselves, and – of course – how to save money. Particularly on flights, which led to her first paid course, How to Save Money on International Flights.

Join us on The MultiPod to learn the full story of Annie’s life of travel, her inspiration to follow an entrepreneurial path, and how she faced the difficult yet inevitable choice of quitting her regular job to go full-time on her new business.

You’re About to Learn …

  • Why Skyscanner is the best website for the flexible traveler.
  • How Annie’s business fits into the competitive travel industry.
  • Why she chose to do this now, and how it impacts her life and expenses.
  • How to adjust from working full time at “a job” to full time at your own business.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [5:00] Annie’s journey as a mulitpotentialite, finding the Puttyverse.
  • [8:47] Annie’s roots in travel. Her initial travel inspiration.
  • [10:32] Her first major trip, the moment that changed her life.
  • [15:21] Annie’s destinations so far.
  • [17:34] Annie’s first entrepreneurial adventure, which doesn’t go so well…
  • [23:51] When she realized there was a real business opportunity in travel, which leads to her new business.
  • [24:28] Being told that what she had was so valuable, people would insist on giving her money for it.
  • [26:47] We talk about the value in taking time to enjoy a destination, slowing down and embrace the stories and memories.
  • [30:55 ] We dig into Annie’s new business: Beyond Reservations.
  • [36:41] The software and entrepreneurial skills Annie had to learn to launch her business.
  • [38:50] The trickiest part of building a new business.
  • [43:38] Annie eases out of her day job… but she wouldn’t describe it like that!
  • [49:48] How Annie prepared to treat her business as a real, serious “job.”

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • Beyond Reservations, Annie’s new startup travel business.
  • The Beyond Reservations Course Library, where you can find the How to Save Money on Flights free course and the How to Save Money on International Flights course.
  • The Beyond Reservations Facebook page.
  • DIY Travel Verse, a close Facebook group for those who want to connect with other independent travelers.