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A Selfless Attitude and Serving Humanity with Sheida – TMP 018

Religion, faith, and spirituality are all deeply personal and intertwined parts of humanity. Because of this, discussions of religion often take place only within the religious group one identifies with.

But what happens if we expand our social circles and strive to build deep relationships with individuals across all religions and faiths?

This episode’s host, Ted, sits down with Sheida from Brisbane, Australia to talk about her personal journey with faith and multipotentiality. She discusses making career choices while balancing the expectations of others, and how she came to find and embrace the Bahá’í faith.

They also discuss striving to live in the moment and enjoy the journey. Sheida makes a point to question what she’s doing at any moment and how her actions could benefit someone else. It’s an important question for us all. Is this just for me? Or is it a gift that can help others?

“[The Puttyverse] gives a voice to help everyone see themselves differently and [know that] they can live in a way that is more aligned with who they are.” – Sheida

You’re about to Learn…

  • The similarities between using science to understand reality and religion to understand spiritual reality.
  • How to take control of all the outside messages working to influence your decisions.
  • Some practical tips for living in the moment and enjoying your journey.
  • What the Bahá’í faith is all about and its belief in the constant renewal of religion.
  • How to appreciate the skills you’re learning, even when bouncing between new careers and experiences.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Sheida’s introduction and how she came to join the Puttyverse
  • [07:55] The risk of being pigeonholed and how to avoid looking at life only in terms of success and failure
  • [10:48] Navigating pressure from parents and figuring out a career after high school  
  • [15:04] Volunteering in Israel and finding the Bahá’í faith: what drew Sheida to it and made it stand out
  • [21:09] Focusing on the big picture in life and the important grounding that faith can provide
  • [23:20] Are there any connections between religion, faith, spirituality and multipotentiality?
  • [33:50] Starting a dialogue and getting a podcast off the ground