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A New Type of Puttyverse IRL Meetup with Jose Siandre – TMP 047

There’s a new way that puttypeep may get together.

Jose Siandre has proposed a “Puttyverse Expedition” in 2020, and the idea is to organize a group trip and combine an in-real-life meetup – like we had with Everything Conference.

Jose is expanding his expertise from his side hustle as a travel agent & organizer to help put this trip together.

Ted hosts this conversation and discusses their shared roots in travel, their inspirations and experiences, and the nuts and bolts of making this happen. And for the many of you who are entrepreneurial and business-curious, they touch on the details of his side hustle, too.

If your interest is piqued and you’re considering participating in the first Puttyverse Expedition, go for it! Just listen to the end where we talk about the next steps and deadlines.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [3:52] Jose’s story and travel inspirations
  • [6:33] When Jose was in the Navy, did he go gallivanting around in port like the others?
  • [10.13] Jose explains his idea of organizing a group trip for Puttyversers
  • [15.35] What would be the objective of this Puttyverse expedition?
  • [17:45] So is this really feasible in 2020?
  • [21:08] How Jose joined a travel agent network and his business took off
  • [24:15] We commiserate about the joy of travel and sharing the experience with others
  • [27:44] Jose’s roots
  • [28:41] What draws Jose into deciding where to go for his travels
  • [29:18] Instead of his one “favourite” destination, what is a place that Jose loves going back to?
  • [31:48] So who wants to go on a Putty expedition? Here’s what to do next!

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