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A Celebration of Perseverance and the Puttyverse with Kati – TMP 081

We’re delighted to present Kati, live from Melbourne, Australia, and one of our most active and engaged puttypeep.

Her journey began in Milan, Italy, but love brought her to Australia. Through tragedy and challenges, she has persevered and forged a self-designed career that is perfect for a multipotentialite.

Kati and Ted chat about languages, community, food, and family. We also ponder some of the challenges of managing a thriving, inclusive online community that has global reach and participation.

How can the Puttyverse best incorporate people from all different time zones and corners of the world? How do we be as fair and inclusive as possible, and respond to both the volume of participation (mainly from the Americas and Europe), yet providing opportunities to the Austro/Pacific time zones (Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, etc.)?

With a view from down under, Kati has some good perspective on this. Join us for a delightful conversation, alternatively in summer or winter, depending on your perspective!

You’re about to Learn…

  • How Kati ended up in Australia, a long way from her home in Milan, Italy, and how she was keen to see the world.
  • How Kati reinvented herself and created a wonderful opportunity based around her skills and knowledge.
  • The experience of joining the Puttyverse, opening up a whole new world of amazing people.
  • Some ideas for the new Foodies Group in the Puttyverse, including sharing recipes, encouraging experimentation, exploring video presentations, and more.
  • What Kati’s perspectives are on being in Australia and trying to participate as actively as possible in a global group.
  • Exploring an intriguing idea: creating partner huddles in opposing time zones for the same event, and then liasing and comparing notes through the Forum.
  • A shout-out to Sónia and others who work to incorporate and include puttypeep from different time zones into huddles and groups.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode